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The Gardens Hotel - Key West

Accessible Courtyard Room

King Bed with two entrances, ramped or four steps up. Roll in bathroom, grab bars, Front Desk TTY, TDD accepts round or square handsets, has a user-friendly, 44-key, PC-type keyboard. Messages viewed on a 20-character fluorescent display. The All-in-One LookOut which combines visual alerts and icons, audio tone and melodies, as well as a bed shaker to conveniently notify of incoming phone/TDD rings, doorbell and alarm clock alerts. Handset telephone amplifier with adjustable volume control to increase the phone volume and adjust the high frequency sounds to a desirable level. Works with analog and digital phones, and Door bell transmitter. Close caption on in room entertainment monitor. Draperies are equipped with 60” Fiberglass 4” Loop easy grab curtain wands.

The Gardens Hotel welcomes children 16 years of age and older.

We are committed to ADA compliance. Read our accessibility statement.