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The Gardens Hotel - Key West

Stay Green at Our Eco-Friendly Key West Hotel

The Gardens Hotel believes in keeping the earth clean, and being so close to our crystal-clear ocean gives us more incentive to minimize our footprint. Our beautiful beaches in Key West deserve to stay that way, which is why we have in-room organic and recycle waste containers.

Our Green Ways

Twin Palm Certified, our biggest eco-friendly focus is on our three buildings’ rain gutters, which flow into our enormous cistern. The cistern at The Gardens Hotel makes it possible to water our acre of tropical gardens with reclaimed water or with well water. And with the help of solar panels, our laundry facility’s hot water is powered by solar energy.

A Few More Steps We Take to Stay Green

  • Green Certified Energy Star Rated A/C
  • LED Lighting
  • A Chipper to Reduce Landfill
  • Composter
  • Recycling

The Gardens Hotel welcomes children 16 years of age and older.

We are committed to ADA compliance. Read our accessibility statement.